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Makeup Eraser

The Body MITT

The Body MITT

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2 in 1: Polish & Deeply Exfoliate Skin

Reveal your best skin! The multi-tasking Body MITT exfoliates & gently polishes skin for a smoother, brighter, & even appearance. Erase dry, flaky, or dead skin then flip to remove buildup of dirt & oil from deep in your pores. This wet/dry MITT can also buff away self-tanner & prep skin for even reapplication.


✓ machine washable

✓ reusable


✓eliminates waste


Free of alcohol, oils, astringents, parabens, fragrances, & sulfates.



1 Body MITT approx. 6.10in x 8.26in

How To Use:

Exfoliator: Use wet or dry in gentle circular motions to buff away dry/dead/flaky skin. PRO TIP: Use to prep skin for self tanner.

Polisher: Use wet in gentle circular motions to polish skin for a smoother, brighter, & even appearance. Can be used with your favorite bath gel.


✓ 100% vegan

✓ eco-friendly

✓ cruelty-free

✓ hypoallergenic


Includes a hook to hang to dry in between uses.
Machine wash hot & dry. Fabric softener & dryer sheet safe.


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